All knowledge is for good. Only the use to which you put it can be good or evil.  -Virgil, Planet of the Apes-
"Al's Crazy Pals"
A man without nutty friends has a pretty dull life.  May the insane always be your compatriots.  -Allen Keehall-
After much experiential living and mental exercise I've come to realize that the world is terribly dull when surrounded by boring people.  And upon settling into your predilections, you tend to migrate towards similar people.  Thus, you may not notice all the dullsters since you've clearly become one.

Now, I've only been called dull and boring ONCE, and I almost married that strange girl.  But other more appropriate monikers arise often enough to describe me.  Perhaps boring and dull are the best compliments I can receive from people that worship media and the fodder it provides.  Therefore I'll continue to pay them no mind and concentrate on the abstractions with ends towards reality.

One thing is certain, you'll never hear of my buddies bragging for designing I-pods and I-phones for I-profits.  Instead we work in a world where real need and functionality exist.  I've lost much admiration for the high tech technological monopolies and pity their zombie one-hit wonder engineers, wasting talent on just another cellular phone or stupid electronic fad, when real human needs are awaiting their efforts.  Imagine the world if their energies were put to tangible human benefit?

The truly enlightened understand that a sewage treatment plant designer is a god in comparison to all the Supreme Court justices.  Heck, one plumber is more important than all the world's prime ministers, presidents, and miscellaneous despots combined.  Live without a working toilet or running water for a week and you'll gladly sacrifice any politico or silly gadget and media pundit to the septic gods.

Al's pals are plumbers of the technological kind.  Unfortunately we invariably have to work for the I-diots on their I-nsane faddish I-deas that debauch humanity while making themselves destructively rich and barely put food on the rest of our tables.  No one said life was fair or worth the guaranteed suffering.  So once in a while you can hide from the world's overlords and perform a little mayhem.

My tech pals are thumb-in-your-eye Engineers; neither dull, boring or unimaginative fadsters.

-4/13/2012-  Friday the 13th.
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Tempered Glass Demo
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