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Welcome pilgrim, you have arrived!  This is Sanctuary from technological slavery.  No yes-men bosses, impossible deadlines, or cost justifications here.  Instead discover ample fodder for the backyard warchest and high-octane fuel to singe the cobwebs from your wasting mind.  I hope you enjoy the pseudo-scientific mayhem as much as I do.   -Allen Keehall-
New Projects:

A Harbor Freight 4x6 Bandsaw Rolling Stand. Added on -5/30/07-

Replacing a Ford Ranger's fuel injectors with new Accels.  4.0L V6. Added on -10/30/07-

Easy blank roughing and other penmaking tips on a metal lathe. Added on -11/15/07-

Increasing a 7x10 mini-lathe's through chuck capacity for 3/4" stock. Added on  -12/5/07-

Improved 7x10 mini-lathe panel.  Intuitive graphics and easy overlay method. -1/23/10-
Latest News:

Blakenism Research provided a clip of tempered glass in action.  Go to Al's Pals.
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"Sometimes it can be said, that the shortest distance between two points is a crooked line, through the twilight zone."
Rod Sterling, 1924-1975.